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Determining if a personal trainer or dietitian is suitable for you can be intimidating. To help you make an informed decision, you can check out what Laura's previous and current clients say about their experiences working with her. You can also follow Laura on social media to get to know her better.

Christin French

I literally can’t say enough about how great Laura and her training program is! She is an effective communicator who also listens to concerns/questions super well. I not only know what workouts to do for certain areas but also why they are effective and what proper form should feel like. Laura also gives great advice about nutrition, lifestyle changes, and home workouts. She’s the best!

Jessica Gresham

Laura is fun and easy to work with! She is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and was so good to help work around my schedule. Laura comes highly recommended and lives up to the expectation. I am thankful for Laura and the wisdom she has shared with me!

Annette Maggard

Laura met with my 12 yo daughter to help work through food issues. My daughter is not anorexic but has been in the 5th percentile since birth. Due to her ADD, she was having challenges remembering to eat and also identifying the right number of calories and types of food that would help with maintaining energy levels and assist with her continued growth. Laura engaged very warmly and friendly with my child (who also struggles with social anxiety). She made her feel calm, safe, and supported while discussing food concerns. The handouts were great and helped identify “good” food choices and my daughter was able to visually see what her daily meal plan needed to be, along with proper substitutions based on her favorites. I would highly recommend Laura if any other parent struggles with their child’s nutritional concerns.

Cindy Reyes

Laura has provided exceptional nutritional and fitness advice at various times. She is amazing at offering healthy swaps to unhealthy food. I highly recommend Laura for your fitness and nutritional needs.

Justin Hornsby

Laura is a wealth of information and extreme helpful and patient. She worked with our varsity girls during tournament time with nutrition, with my daughter about how to properly fuel her body and my wife on physical movement. She is so calm and understanding, never rude or judgemental. Working with her opened our eyes to a healthy relationship with food and activity. If there were a 6th star, we would give it to her!

Sarah Glushko

Laura has a wide range of knowledge when it comes to fitness and nutrition- training with the athletes I coach to myself who is just trying to get back into shape. Loved the nutrition guide which really helped to know how to fuel before and after athletic competition. She is patient, thorough and professional- would highly recommend!

Caroline Garrett

Laura is the best! She is so so knowledgeable on all things health, fitness, and nutrition. She will meet you where you are at and help you to come up with the perfect plan to get to where you want to be. Could not recommend her more! She truly cares.

Bryson Gresham

Laura is phenomenal to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable and so helpful! I would recommend her to everyone!

Carolyn Weins

Laura is great with nutrition help and what exercises will help you most. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Diana Marie

You shared information with me about Smart Balance several years ago. I switched to Smart Balance spread, oil, spray and never looked back. Acts like butter in recipes, tastes better than any other product I'd tried when I sauté my fresh veggies. Thank you.


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LeighAnn Wood

Featured in Subkit Go Solo

February 2023, Laura S. Garrett, RDN, PFT, CES – the owner of, was interviewed and featured on Subkit Go Solo Entrepreneur Stories. Subkit Go Solo is a website blog that helps regular everyday people go solo and achieve work independence on their terms. They do interview series where they celebrate small business entrepreneurs and founders.