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Achieve your Goals Towards a Fit & Healthy Body through Proper Nutrition & Active Living by working with NutrActive's registered dietitian and personal trainer specializing in corrective exercise. The most effective and time-efficient service offered is Lifestyle Coaching via Video Chat. Spend 30 minutes on a live video chat collaborating on achievable goals to set you on your journey to better health!

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Laura S. Garrett

A Nutrition-Focused Personal Trainer helps you obtain better fitness by learning How to Eat Healthily and Incorporate Exercise into your Busy Schedule.

Optimize your fitness with Life Coaching aimed at integrating good nutrition with a solid exercise routine. Visit the Store for professional nutrition and fitness services offered.



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Information in the blog posts aim to educate you towards healthy living, but also give you a feel for the base of knowledge Laura has to offer you as a future client. 

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