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Welcome to NutrActive's section of the site dedicated to providing you with helpful resources. A key component to good health is maintaining a healthy weight. This Weight Loss section provides you with a vast amount of resources designed to help you lose weight the best known way -- Through self motivation and self discipline. An individual who is properly educated on how to lose weight can be successful long term. Check in periodically for new helpful dieting tools and valuable information all geared to help you successfully lose weight on your own...and, most importantly, maintain that healthy weight once you get there.

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Calorie Tracking Apps

Study after study has confirmed the benefits of keeping track of the food you eat and the activity you do. It's simple - the more consistently you track your food intake, the more likely you are to lose weight. That's why every successful weight management program suggests that you keep a food diary and/or an activity log. But recording everything you eat without the right tools can be tedious at best, or simply impossible at worst. Log your meals quickly and easily through one of the following mobile apps. Learn more by clicking on the respective link:

Here is a video highly recommended by NutrActive -- Three dietitians debunk 18 weight loss myths:

Business Insider asked three registered dietitians to debunk 18 of the most common weight loss myths. They explain that you don't need to purge your diet of fat or carbs to lose weight, skipping meals can backfire, and fad diets like the ketogenic diet don't often work. Beyond debunking weight loss strategies, they explain that weight loss is not just about discipline. It's about genetics, access to healthy food, and your relationship to food.

The 24-Day JumpStart®

Advocare®'s 24-Day JumpStart® provides the tools you need to jumpstart healthy habits and help reach your goals*. Focus on the fundamentals: a healthy diet, supplementation to fill in nutritional gaps, stress and sleep management and working to incorporate exercise. Follow the guided program to help you stay on track and stay confident in your success. The AdvoCare 24-Day JumpStart® consists of two phases:

The Cleanse Phase and The Max Phase

The supplements are meant as compliments to the other components of a healthy lifestyle.

Use the link provided to receive 10% discount on your order today:

Why am I not losing weight?? One of the most common questions trainers get asked. Here's a video sharing the top 5 reasons people stop losing weight on a weight loss journey and why some people start to gain weight back!

Calculator: Ideal Body Weight (IBW)

The Ideal Body Weight Calculator computes your health-wise body weight suggesting healthy ranges based on height, gender, and age. The idea behind using a formula to determine your ideal body weight has been sought after by health many experts. It is a good place to start to realistically give yourself a goal range to achieve.

There are several popular formulas used to determine IBW. The calculator listed here provides results for side-to-side comparisons.

Portion Size Quizzes

Portion Distortion Quiz: Guess the Right Serving Sizes

Teaches you common objects to properly size your servings without weighing everything you eat. Example: What's serving size of cereal look like?
a) the size of a baseball
b) the size of two baseballs
c) the size of a baseball cut in half

Take the quiz now to test your knowledge of proper portion sizes and learn easy visuals to choose proper portions at:

Kids' Portion Size Quiz: Are Your Kids Overloading Their Plates?

Calculator: Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR)

Total body fat affects your health, however where your body stores that fat has even bigger health implications. Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is an important health indicator helping you identify health risks such as heart disease and diabetes.

WHR analyzes the relationship between your waist and hip measurements helping you understand your body-type and current health status. Here is a link to help you calculate your WHR:

Calculate the Calories You Burn During Exercise

Whether you're trying to lose weight, want to know how much to fuel your body after a workout, or are just curious about how many calories you burned during exercise, you can estimate your calorie expenditure by using a simple calculator. Below is a link to a site with a calculator for you to use plus information to feed your curiosity as to how you burn those calories:

Calculator: Smart Body Mass Index (SBMI)

The calculator found at this site functions on the basis of the newly developed Smart Body Mass Index. The SBMI differs from the BMI in three important aspects.

(1) Takes age and sex into account, besides just weight and height.

(2)The SBMI is a purely comparative figure (without any physical units) on a scale of 70 points.

(3) The significance of the body weight for your health can easily be derived from the SBMI, but not from the BMI.

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