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Welcome to NutrActive's section of the site dedicated to providing you with free helpful resources. The purpose of this page is to make navigating to what interests you most a little easier. Surfing the internet on your own gets intimidating. Knowing what information to trust may sometimes seem daunting. Below you will find a list of all the topics within NutrActive's site dedicated to helping you find useful resources you can trust. Click on the Topic's button that interest you to view the helpful resources like informative fact based articles, vetted YouTube videos, and links to trusted Web sites.

Click on any respective button above that contains the Special Dietary Need that you are interested in learning about more. The Aging page is geared towards helping aging active adults live happier lives. Included are some very informative web sites to help you navigate through your specific needs as well as some fitness videos geared to help you get moving. On the opposite end of the age spectrum are children. The Children's page will help parents meet their child's specific nutritional requirements even when your child might be a picky eater. Additionally, you will find resources to help you engage your child in activities so that they develop an appropriate appreciation for fitness at a young age.

Food Allergies are a popular buzz around the internet. Please utilize the allergy page to help better navigate all the free information available to you. Identifying your triggers will aid you in managing your allergic reactions and hopefully subside what may be causing your ailments. Another popular topic all over the internet pertains to Weight Loss. Understand first there are no quick fix solutions, at least not healthy solutions that lead to a vibrant healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in finally dropping the extra pounds you've collected over the years, check out the Weight Loss page.

The Vegetarian page, while obviously geared towards those not wanting to eat meat can be a useful resource for anyone wishing to include more vegetables in their diet. Vegetables are God's natural defense against all kinds of problems that our bodies undergo. Not eating enough plant foods... and most Americans do NOT eat nearly enough vegetables ... truly leads to so many of the health problems Americans are plagued with today. And, finally in the Special Dietary Needs table above you will notice a link for Pregnancy. It is imperative that a pregnant mother know how to properly eat for both her health and the proper development and growth of the precious living baby inside her. There are also exercises that are good for you to do and a few you should avoid. Find out which ones by checking out the Pregnancy page.

The only true path to successfully reaching your nutrition and fitness goals is by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. From a nutritional standpoint, one important habit to develop is a commitment to prepare meals at home and stop eating out so much, especially limiting fast foods. The Cooking page provides you with links to sites which primarily focus on healthy eating and include some wonderfully delicious recipes to help you cook healthy meals. Being healthy not only relies on eating well, but also your level of fitness. Are you winded after walking up one flight of stairs? Or, does that flight really tire out your legs? NOW is the time to get your focus on improving your fitness! Do not try to use "I'm tired" as an excuse. The more you do NOT exercise, the more and more tired you will be because of the loss of active tissue in your body, also known as muscle. Get started today by visiting the Fitness self-help page by clicking on the button above. Or ... Better yet, consider using our services.

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If you haven fallen to a specific disease or ill health condition, the pages shared above share recommended resources to help you better manage dealing with this health issue. Many heart related conditions may be much more improved when good eating habits are enforced with even greater improvement by increasing your level of activity. This cannot be emphasized enough. You probably found your way into heart problems by not eating right and being quite inactive. Click on the Heart Health button above to hopefully get yourself motivated to making positive impactful changes in your life.

Diabetes is another one of those health plagues that is often self inflicted. A lifetime of poor food choices and not valuing the importance of exercise has caused your cells the inability to use the insulin your body naturally produces. To be blunt, you have too much fat in your body blocking the receptors that take in insulin which would then be able to process the sugar floating around in your bloodstream. Try reversing diabetes by eating properly ...good healthy food choices on a regular eating schedule and not in large quantities, but rather spread throughout the entire day.

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