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Diabetes -- Information & Resources

Diabetes - Are You in Control?
There’s a lot that you can do to manage your diabetes day to day, and to help yourself feel better physically – and emotionally. The following recommended Web site shares some tips to help you keep on track:

Diabetes Public Health Resources -
(National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion)

Information for the public and professionals about diabetes, including research, statistics, and educational publications.

Children with Diabetes Online Community
Being diagnosed with diabetes is a life-changing event, and raising a child is an exciting and ongoing challenge made even more demanding when managing a chronic illness. The Children with Diabetes (CWD) Web site is a leading destination on the Internet for families dealing with diabetes, a Web resource for parents of children with Type 1 diabetes, and is dedicated to helping you find the information and support you need and in caring for a child with diabetes.

National Diabetes Education Program
NDEP translates the latest science and spreads the word that diabetes is serious, common, and costly, yet controllable and, for type 2, preventable.

Sucralose - Risky Sweetner?
Sucalose is a zero-calorie sugar substitute -- brand name Splenda®. On the internet, you will find unfounded claims regarding the safety of sucralose.

The Facts:
* Sucralose is made from sugar, altered chemically and actually has a sweeter taste than sugar -- about 600 times sweeter! Chemically, three hydrogens are replaced with chlorine molecules. The reason sucralose is "calorie-free" is our bodies do not have enzymes to break it down.

* Much of negative claims against sucralose revolve around the issue of chlorine. While it is not evident that the elemental chlorine is released from sucralose, consider that chlorine is part salt's chemical structure (NaCl) and is in thousands of other foods that contain some form of chlorine.

* No scientific data links sucralose to negative effects -- just observations. Two case studies have been published regarding the relationship of migraines and sucralose:
(1) Bigal ME, Krymchantowski AV. Migraine triggered by sucralose--a case report. Headache. 2006 Mar; 46(3):515-7
(2) Patel RM, Sarma R, Grimsley E. Popular sweetener sucralose as a migraine trigger. Headache. 2006 Sep; 46(8):1303-4
>>> Flawed -- ALL patients in these studies had a variety of other possible migraine triggers. The writers were not researchers rather physicians writing about their observations in patients they were treating for migranes. No cause and effect was established with a single subject and only two were found who reported that sucralose might have been a trigger.

* Center for Science in the Public Interest (a consumer advocacy group) ranked sucralose as "safe". Sucralose is the only artificial sweetener they have given this ranking.

* The FDA reviewed more than 110 studies (in both humans and animals) many of which tried to identify possible bad side effects. No such effects were found thus FDA approved sucralose for human consumption in 1998.

For more information on sucralose, go to:

US Department of Health & Human Services:
Diabetes - Quick Guide
A government Web site where you will find information and tools to help you and those you care about stay healthy. Resources from over 1,600 government and non-profit organizations = reliable information.

Oregon Diabetes Program
The Oregon Diabetes Program goal is to reduce the burden of diabetes in Oregon. At their Web site, you will find information about access to medication, testing strips, health care, etc.

The Diabetes Network
The Diabetes Network provides extensive diabetes information, the latest research findings and great discounts on diabetes products. Visit the Diabetes Mall for great discounts on books, gram scales and many of your favorite blood glucose test strips.

Diabetes Research Institute
A recognized world leader in cure-focused diabetes research, pioneering new cell-based therapies to restore insulin production. What’s new in diabetes research? How can you better cope with diabetes in your daily life? Go to:

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
The award-winning social network for people with type 1 diabetes. It sets the global agenda for diabetes research, and is the largest charitable funder and advocate of diabetes science worldwide. The mission of JDRF is to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that strikes children and adults suddenly, and can be fatal. Until a cure is found, people with type 1 diabetes have to test their blood sugar and give themselves insulin injections multiple times or use a pump - each day, every day of their lives. And even with that intensive care, insulin is not a cure for diabetes, nor does it prevent its eventual and devastating complications, which may include kidney failure, blindness, heart disease, stroke, and amputation. You can locate a support group in your area.

Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (DRWF)
An Organization for People Who Live with Diabetes Every Day. DRWF promotes public education about the causes, prevention, and treatment of diabetes and its complications and provides services and products to people with diabetes.

The Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland
Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland (DAGC) is a local and independent nonprofit organization. DAGC has four diabetes educators on staff (two registered dietitians, a registered dietetic technician, and a registered nurse) who are there to help you with your diabetes needs.

National Diabetes Information Clearing House (NDIC)
The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC) is an information dissemination service, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For an A-Z List of Topics and Titles related to diabetes, go to:

American Diabetes Association
Have you or someone you love been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?

If so, the American Diabetes Association is here to offer help, hope and support through the new, Living With Type 2 Diabetes program. Being diagnosed with diabetes can be overwhelming and many people don’t know where to start.

That’s why the Living With Type 2 Diabetes program offers people with diabetes an opportunity to learn more about diabetes and how to live well with diabetes over a 12-month period.

The Diabetes Resource
A growing list of 13,000+ Resources for diabetics.

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