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Children / Adolescents --
Information & Resources

Action for Healthy Kids
Action for Healthy Kids is the nation’s leading nonprofit and largest volunteer network fighting childhood obesity and undernourishment by working with schools to improve nutrition and physical activity to help our kids learn to eat right, be active every day and be ready to learn.

Calling All Junior Food Detectives!
Kaiser Permanente's interactive detective game takes children (ages 9-10) through activities that show how to choose healthy foods and how to get more active. Amazing Food Detective also includes an array of features that get kids moving and away from the computer, such as an automatic shut-off function after 20 minutes that reminds kids to get active, printable scavenger hunts, and family activities that encourage better eating habits.

Gracie Bullyproof - Prepare Your Child for Life
Experts say that more than 150,000 children miss school every day because they are afraid of being bullied. More than half of all schoolchildren have witnessed a bullying incident and three of every four students say bullying is a problem at their school. The bulk of bullying occurs from the fourth through the eighth grades, although it can continue through high school and even in the workplace. Bullying is intimidation or domination toward someone perceived as weaker, a way to establish superiority through coercion or force. The emotional scars are often worse than the physical beatings, and victims of bullying often become depressed and do poorly in school. Bullying can even lead to suicide. Rener Gracie, 27-year-old son of UFC originator Rorion Gracie and grandson of legendary Brazilian jiu-jitsu grandmaster Helio Gracie, knows all the statistics. He recognized that the martial art perfected by three generations of his uncles and cousins is ideal for combating bullies. So he and his brother Ryron developed a program specifically for youngsters who have been the target of taunts and shoves, kicks and punches. Read more at:
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Eat Smart. Play Hard.™ Materials
The Eat Smart. Play Hard.™ Campaign was launched by USDA's Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) to encourage and teach children, parents, and caregivers to eat healthy and be physically active every day. Eat Smart. Play Hard.™ offers resources and tools to convey and reinforce healthy eating and lifestyle behaviors that are consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the MyPyramid Food Guidance System. Eat Smart. Play Hard.™ is about making America's children healthier. It's about practical suggestions that will help you motivate children and their caregivers to eat healthy and be active. Eat Smart. Play Hard.™ Campaign messages and materials are fun for children and informative for caregivers.

Empowering Youth with Nutrition & Physical Activity
Empowering Youth is a manual for use in after school programs and classrooms with youth 11-18 years old. It contains current nutrition and physical activity information to enhance leader knowledge; fun, hands-on activities that teach nutrition concepts; ideas to include nutrition education and physical activity into youth programs and events; resources to help youth develop a nutrition or physical activity related community project; tips, worksheets, handouts, discussion prompters and more!

BAM! Body and Mind
Got a question about fitness? Disease? Peer pressure? Visit BAM! Body and Mind will tell you all you need to know about all the stuff that matters. Designed for kids 9–13 years old, CDC's BAM! Body and Mind gives them the information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Culinary Schools -- Health and Nutrition for Kids
No one likes to feel sick and sluggish. Eating a balanced diet, exercising and starting each day with a positive attitude go a long way to keeping your body and mind healthy. Making wise nutritional choices is important whether you are a kid or an adult. How to make those choices is the challenge most of us face. For tips on eating healthy and positive body image, go to:

3 Reasons Why Snacks Are Good for You:
You might think that eating between meals is a nutritional no-no. But according to experts, nibbling throughout the day can enhance health in the following ways:

1.) Snacks rev up your metabolism. A study published in the British Medical Journal revealed that snacking helps to jump-start your metabolism, allowing your body to process calories more efficiently.

2.) Snacks fight fatigue. Healthy snacks that contain protein and complex carbohydrates help to increase your blood glucose levels, giving you an immediate, lasting energy boost.

3.) Snacks keep you from overeating. Waiting too long between meals to eat can make you famished and more likely to binge. Snacks, on the other hand, help to keep hunger at bay.

Free Recipe Book:
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Guide for Healthy and Happy Kids
Extensive list of internet resources to assist parents and children in remaining safe and healthy. Experts in the field put these helpful resources together.

American Youth Soccer Organization


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