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Advocare -- Recommended Products

Below are some of my favorite Advocare products. I have found these products useful for physical performance and better recovery.

As one Advocare slogan says:

Advocare - use it, the pros do

My Long Distance "Runner's Cocktail"
advocare product - Spark for mental focus and long-lasting energy

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--- SPARK ® ---
About an hour before running, drink 1 serving of Spark®. Spark® improves mental focus and provides long-lasting energy.
advocare product - O2 Gold helps increase energy and maximize performance

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--- O2 GOLD® ---
One hour before your run, take 2 tablets (1 serving) of O2 Gold®. O2 Gold® supports body's use of oxygen helping it adapt to stress and helps increase and maintain energy.

I tell my runner friends, "You will feel like you are cheating!" O2 Gold® literally helps you breath easier.
Advocare product - Arginine Extreme for muscle growth and recovery

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30 minutes before running:
Mix 1 scoop of Arginine Extreme™, 4 ounces orange juice, 1 scoop Mango Pineapple Rehydrate® plus 8 to 12 oz. of water.

Used as a pre-workout supplement, Arginine Extreme™ helps muscle endurance and stamina during cardiovascular focused workouts.

--- REHYDRATE® ---
Rehydrate® contains necessary carbs for energy production and muscle endurance plus minerals and electrolytes to maintain hydration.
In regards to taste, the mix provided above is my personal favorite. The orange juice adds to the taste plus a little more carbs, vitamin C, and potassium.
Optional recommendation :

advocare product - Thermoplus for improved metabolism of fat to energy

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I have found that ThermoPlus® gives me a little extra edge in regards to energy. I like to take it an hour before my run along with the O2 Gold®. The claim for ThermoPlus® is better fat conversion for improved energy thus boosting metabolism. From experience, I have noticed it helps!

Note: This cocktail works well for runs over 1 hour. For shorter runs, try Spark ® alone or O2 Gold® alone or maybe combine the two depending on the intensity of the shorter run.

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